As a locksmith, we encounter all kinds of locks on a daily basis. While most locks are fairly standard, every now and then, we come across something truly unusual. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing the top 5 most unusual locks we’ve encountered while working in Leeds.

The Magnetic Lock The first lock on our list is the magnetic lock. While magnetic locks are becoming more common in certain applications, such as for securing commercial buildings, they are still relatively rare for residential use. These locks use an electromagnetic force to keep the door closed, which can only be released by an access control system. This means that traditional keys are not used to unlock the door. Instead, users have to present a keycard, fob, or biometric credential to the access control reader.

The Combination Lock

You may be thinking, “What’s so unusual about a combination lock?” Well, this particular lock wasn’t like any combination lock we’d seen before. Instead of using numbers to set the combination, it used a sequence of colours. The lock had a ring with six different coloured beads that could be arranged in any order to create the combination. While it may have been unique, the lock was also extremely difficult to open without the correct combination.

The Abloy Lock

The Abloy lock is a type of high-security lock that is used primarily in commercial and industrial settings. What makes it unusual is the fact that it has a rotating disk mechanism, which is much harder to pick than a standard pin tumbler lock. It also has a unique key design, with a circular blade that rotates to open the lock. We’ve only come across a few of these locks in our years of locksmithing in Leeds.

The Combination Padlock

Similar to the combination lock we mentioned earlier, this particular padlock used a series of letters to create the combination. The lock had a rotating dial with letters around the edge, and users had to spell out a particular word or phrase to unlock the lock. While it may have been a fun gimmick, it wasn’t the most practical solution for securing valuable items.

The Double-Cylinder Deadbolt

While double-cylinder deadbolts are not necessarily unusual, this particular lock had an interesting twist. Instead of the standard keyway on both sides of the lock, one side had a keyway and the other side had a thumbturn. This meant that you could only lock or unlock the door from one side at a time, making it more secure against break-ins. However, it also meant that you could accidentally lock yourself out if you didn’t have the key on the side of the door you were on.

While most locks are fairly standard, every now and then we come across something truly unusual. From magnetic locks to combination padlocks, each of the locks on this list presented its own unique challenges. As Leeds locksmiths, we’re always up for a challenge and are happy to help you with all of your lock and security needs in Leeds.