We’ve seen it all when it comes to lockouts. From misplaced keys to broken locks, we’ve helped countless people regain access to their homes, businesses, and vehicles. However, every now and then, we encounter a lockout story that is simply too funny not to share. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some of the funniest lockout stories we’ve heard while working in Leeds.

The Cat Burglar

One customer called us in a panic after locking themselves out of their house, with their mischievous cat still inside. When we arrived, we found the cat perched on a windowsill, taunting its owner. We managed to get the door open, but the cat wasn’t done causing trouble. As we were packing up our tools, we heard a loud crash from inside the house. It turns out that the cat had knocked over a vase, shattering it into a million pieces. We helped the customer clean up the mess and joked that they might have a future cat burglar on their hands.

The Sleepwalker

Another customer called us in the middle of the night, sounding panicked. They had woken up outside their house, wearing only their pyjamas and no shoes. They had apparently sleepwalked out of the house and the door had locked behind them. We quickly arrived and got the door open, and the customer was relieved to be back inside their warm bed. We made sure to remind them to double-check that their doors were locked before going to sleep, just in case they decided to go for a nighttime stroll again.

The Laundry Mishap

One customer called us after accidentally locking their keys in their washing machine. They had put their keys in the pocket of their jeans, which were now inside the locked machine. We managed to get the door open and retrieve the keys, but the jeans were a soggy mess. We couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation and the customer joked that they should have checked their pockets before doing laundry.

The Forgetful Shopper

A customer called us from a busy shopping centre after realizing that they had locked their keys inside their car. As we were unlocking the car, the customer told us that they had just left the shop after buying a new pair of shoes. When they got to the car, they had absent-mindedly put the shoes inside and locked the doors, forgetting that their keys were also inside. We helped the customer get back in their car and joked that their new shoes were so nice that they distracted them from everything else.

The Haunted House

One customer called us in a panic after hearing strange noises coming from their attic. When we arrived, we found the customer outside, too scared to go back in. They had gone up to the attic to retrieve something and had accidentally locked themselves inside. As we were unlocking the door, we could hear the strange noises coming from inside the attic. It turns out that the customer’s cat had somehow gotten into the attic and was causing mischief. We helped the customer safely retrieve their belongings and reassured them that their house was not haunted.

Here at Secure Solutions locksmiths, we encounter all kinds of lockouts, from the mundane to the downright hilarious. While lockouts can be stressful and frustrating for our customers, we try to lighten the mood by sharing some of our funniest stories. From mischievous cats to forgetful shoppers, each lockout presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for a good laugh. If you ever find yourself locked out in Leeds, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re always happy to