10 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

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Home security is one vital aspect that many homeowners fail to give importance and easily disregard.

Our home is where we usually keep our best possessions. It’s surprising the amount people still tend to miss doing some of these tips to keeping households safe and secure. If you’re focused on doing things to keep your home secure, then these “10 ways to keep your home secure” will be good to review.

1. Make Sure All Locks Work

Surprisingly, many individuals don’t care much about fixing their locks when they are damaged or weakened. This puts their home at risk if they avoid having them replaced and makes it much easier for a burglar to get access.

You must make sure all of your locks work before you leave your home for work, a vacation or a short trip. You can never regret being burgled before actually experiencing it. Regrets never come first.

Call us here at SS Locksmiths Leeds immediately when you find a broken lock and we’ll fix it for you right away.

2. Lock All Entries Including Windows

Same as above, it is best to lock all doors and windows. This keeps any entry points secure when you leave the house. Never settle for locking just one or two doors and forgetting the rest when leaving.

It is always best to check each door and window before you go out. Mostly, windows are the ‘entries’ that are missed. NOTE: A window isn’t an entry for you, but it’s one for a burglar!

3. Lock Your Sheds & Garage

We watched a YouTube video of a burglar breaking into a house. The burglar ended up stealing gardening tools kept in the garage because he wasn’t able to find an entry point to the home. All things worth any value can be stolen especially if you leave your doors open.

Our team at SS Locksmith Leeds provide locks and home security services for garages and sheds. We can install locks to any place in your household and make your place secure in no time for very affordable prices.

4. Keep Your Keys Hidden Away (Even Spare Keys)

Never display your master keys, door keys and even spare keys in places that are easy to access. It is also not a surprise for a thief to find your keys hidden away in stolen pots, under mats or around sheds.

They know the usual places that people in general like me and you stash our spare. Because almost everyone hides their spare keys in a handful of similar places.

5. Get A Burglar Alarm or CCTV

Keep your home secure by using CCTV Systems or Burglar Alarms.

You can install real ones or start out with dummies/ fake ones, this will make thieves think twice before attempting to break in. Alarms work as stop signs for burglars. You may also want to change your security code on your alarm from time to time, just for the extra reassurance.

6. Use Standard and Approved Locks

You can find a lot of low-quality rip-off locks and poorly-made locks on the market. Make sure to use only standard and approved locks. You can call a local locksmith like us: SS Locksmith Leeds to ensure that the locks installed all conform to the British Standards (BS3621).

7. Be Friendly To Your Neighbours

There is no harm in getting along with neighbours. Speak to them often, show genuine care for their wellbeing. They can help you when you are in trouble and call the authorities to keep your home secure.

A bonus is that they will always alert you when they see something wrong happening around your home. It could be your house or car that you may not notice being tampered with. Better yet, if we miss a parcel at the door they will be the ones holding it for us until we are home!

8. Get Outside Lighting

Never leave your lawns or outside spaces in the dark. It is always best to consider installing a dim light or a light with a motion sensor that detects when someone is outside your home. Having an outside lighting is an advantage so you can have a better view on what happens in your outside spaces.

It also puts people off when they walk onto a property and a big light shows up on their face, burglar or not – you get the extra reassurance that someone will be seen upon approach to your home. You may want to install lights near your windows or pathways also.

9. Always Be Vigilant

It is always important that you stay vigilant especially when there have been reports of burglaries near the local community.

Always make sure that your home is secure and the locks work. Never leave a door open. Being vigilant is the easiest way of keeping your house secure since it only requires you being alert and cautious.

10. Consult With Our Locksmiths Team

Locksmiths are often only called when locks, doors or windows get broken. Many locksmith services offer installation and security system upgrades. It is also best to consult a locksmith on the best ways, techniques and locks to use for your household. It’s always good to be extra secure, especially when we have a family, important possessions and valuable items around.

Here at SS Locksmith Services, we offer 24/7 emergency repair services, residential and commercial spaces installations, lock upgrades and we also offer our best advice to our clients in the most affordable way without having to compromise your security.

These 10 ways to keep your home secure and establishments secure. It is always best to give value and importance to home security so you can live and sleep with a peace of mind

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