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Key snapped in the Door / Lost Keys

Being locked out is a nightmare at the best of times, then adding bad weather, early hours in the morning or children being locked out with you. This is when the situation becomes more urgent. Rest assured we will answer your call any time of day and get to you with urgency. Our aim is to get to you and have you inside your property as quickly as possible. We have highly skilled & reliable Emergency Locksmith Service In Leeds and our team only use the best-manufactured tools on the market. You will not need to worry about any damage that may be caused by gaining entry to the locked door. We are able to use non-destructive entry locksmith methods.

Arriving home to see the front door open, when you left it locked.

The dread you feel in the pit of your stomach is unthinkable. We are on hand to offer support and assistance in all circumstances like this to get your property fitted with police approved high-security locks. Get more than 1 lock changed to improve the security of your home and receive a discount on multiple lock changes.

New tenant or owner of premises and not sure how many people have had the keys before you. Have all locks changed straight away so you can settle easily knowing there’s no one else other than your selected keys holders that can enter the premises as and when they may like. (Could be security Breach for Domestic)

Security Breach – Not a nice thought, however, it is a reality that when relationships end and the person moving out has their key still or could have handed it back but had a copy made so they could come back to the property when unoccupied and help themselves to contents.

We are here to help with our Emergency Locksmith Service team.

Our advice is to have locks changed in all instances such as this as copying keys can be done within minutes and you won’t know anything has gone missing from the property straight away. This happens when the door was locked back up after they have gained entry. Since the door is locked as normal, you wouldn’t know anyone was ever there.

We are also on hand to conduct a security check of all locks on Domestic Property & Commercial Property and we will always recommend any upgrades or changes that would be beneficial.

Free of charge check with no obligation, be sure to get in touch.

We like to make sure we are providing customers with the best advice we can and know we have done everything possible to improve security, being a quick Emergency Locksmith Service in Leeds.

When we arrive to change locks after a break in we can repair or replace damaged handles at the same time as boarding up any damage made to windows & doors.

When considering the security of your house locks please be sure not to miss out your garage lock. Each feature on the property we ensure is secure and improves the overall security of the premises and in turn, reduces the chance of a break in.

We understand that many problems encountered that require our services will have caused you stress, upset, anger or frustration. That’s why our professional team at Secure Solution Locksmiths Leeds are understanding and pride ourselves on offering the best customer service to help make a bad situation as good as we possibly can.

Secure Solution Locksmith Team,

Emergency Locksmith Service Leeds

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Our Emergency Locksmiths Leeds team are in operation 24/7.

The majority of our calls are emergency jobs and it is vital to us that we are out to assist you as soon as possible. We are on call every day every hour so there is never a bad time to contact us. We can call you when we’re almost near your property so you can go somewhere warm and dry nearby. It saves you standing and waiting in the street, especially if it’s raining or worse. We do ask our customers to review us based on our response time. This shows our 5-Star ratings reflect our service so rest assured we will get to you within 30-45 minutes at the most for emergency call outs.

In an emergency, we will gain access to your property for you, repair and change any locks and handles. If necessary, we will board up and repair damage made to Windows & Doors. and we will leave your premises more secure than when we arrived leaving you with peace of mind that your property has the best high-security police approved locks fitted.

In an emergency, we advise to call us directly on 07388 580961 rather than send a message or use the contact us form as these are picked up frequently but we wouldn’t want to add unnecessary waiting time on for you.

Give us a call on 07388 580961. One of our team can be there within 30-40 minutes of your call to take care of any issues you have.

I’ve called you, what now?

Once you have reached out to us, we will send one of our locksmiths to your home or office to take care of any issues you may have and begin our routine on lock changes, gaining entry, key cutting. It all depends on your unique situation.

Get In Touch With SS Locksmiths Leeds.