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There are a lot of reasons why a UPVC door or window can be broken and need repairing. As these products are most commonly installed in domestic and residential spaces, their susceptibility to overuse and wearing out is also high.

So right now, we are giving you the most common problems you may encounter with UPVC doors and windows and some tips to avoid or repair them.

  1. Jammed Lock or Lock is Stuck

When your UPVC door or window lock gets jammed, it normally is a result of a defective lock mechanism. There are 2 main mechanical parts to its lock – the euro profile cylinder and the multi point locking system.

The key may not turn all the way in or will not turn the lock in some cases. When this happens, it normally results to the lock getting stuck or jammed. Never forcefully turn the key when this happens as it may cause more damage to the lock mechanism or the UPVC door/ window itself.

There are also instances that your keys will turn all the way but does not put the door or window to a lock. This is still a mechanism problem which a locksmith can easily repair.

The best way to deal with this is to get in touch with SS Locksmith Leeds. We use specialized tools to take care of this problem.

  1. Misaligned UPVC Door or Window

There are times when we “unintentionally” bang the doors or windows shut. This may actually result in the UPVC door or window into becoming distorted. In most cases, the bolts and hooks on the hinges become loose and may simply need a new pair of bolts.

In other cases, extreme banging of the door may cause the frames to misalign with the doors or windows. Or worse, it could crack the UPVC material if what you own is of low-quality.

The best way to avoid this is to simply avoid unnecessary banging of the door or the window. For loose hinges, as mentioned, you may check the screws in the hinges if they can still be tightened or replaced. But in the most difficult instances, we best advice to call the help of our emergency locksmith service.

  1. Key Broken inside UPVC Door or Window

Having a key break inside a lock is common to almost all types of key-entry doors or even key padlocks. It normally happens when you have an old key that is most often used. When the UPVC Door or Window lock starts to jam, you may have to call our trusted local locksmiths in Leeds immediately. Get in touch with us before attempting to forcefully turn the keys against a jammed lock. Only because you could make it worse.

  1. Keys Need Jiggling To Work

Whenever you try to insert a key then jiggle it to make it actually lock or open the UPVC door or window, then this is a basic poor key cut issue. Normally this happens on spare keys and you may want to have your main key reduplicated by our locksmith key cutting Leeds team for a better and a more precise cut duplicate.

UPVC Door Locks & Windows have evolved over time. But these problems can still be experienced in most UPVC door and window locks. It is always best to consult the help of your trusted locksmith to do the repairs.

Our expert UPVC Door Locks and Windows Locksmiths at SS Locksmith Leeds have all the specialized tools and experience to handle all UPVC Door and Window Lock Problems, other lock and home security problems and repairs.

We also take care of security improvements, upgrades and installation of domestic residences and commercial spaces for very reasonable prices. Our services are available for 24/7 emergency locksmiths Leeds near your home or office. We guarantee a trustworthy, nondestructive, timely and professional service to all our clients.

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