5 Reasons Why You Need A Spare Key At Home

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These days, there are still many people who do not have a spare key for their home. Though there are several locks that come with 2-3 keys when bought, it is still quite surprising that people opt out of having their master keys duplicated for many random reasons be it practicality or due-diligence.

It is but very important to have a spare key or a duplicate key of your house keys. Below we’ll be stressing out 5 reasons why it is important to have spare keys at home.

1. Spare Keys Save You Time & Money

It’s always cost-efficient to have a spare key at home. Having a spare key helps lessen the need for a locksmith to open your locked-out door. A bonus is that it will even save you time waiting for a repairman or a locksmith to arrive.

It’s cheaper to have a duplicate key instead of spending more money when your keys or locks break. Also, it removes the worry of losing your main key since you have a duplicate to use if that happens.

2. Spare Keys Give Access to Other Family Members

We can’t always tell when we are going out and a family member arrives only to find out nobody’s home. Spare keys give the convenience of allowing your family members get access to your home. Which works out really helpful when you are not around.

Doing this saves them the need to call you, just to open the door. That’s a total hassle!

3. Spare Keys Are Usually the Solution

During lockouts and when your master keys get broken, having a spare key helps the locksmith repair your broken keys and locks faster.

They will not have to do more complicated tasks to repair and can avoid the need to change your cylinder at worst.

4. Spare Keys Avoid Broken Keys

Having a spare key to use alternately with your master key is the best way to avoid your keys from breaking thus preventing lockouts. One of the most common reasons of lockouts are broken keys and using a spare key lessens the tendency to get your master keys broken.

In time, keys do wear and it is important that you check your keys for any signs of damages or chips.

5. Spare Keys Make Replacements Easier

When you lose your keys, break them or when they get stolen, you will need to go to a locksmith to get a replacement key. And oftentimes than not, they would ask you if you have a spare key. Spare keys give the convenience of replacing your original ones through the process of cloning.

And with the absence of your spare key, the locksmith might ask you to get your doorknob and do a home service and worst, replace the whole lock!

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