5 Most Common Door Lock Problems

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Doorknobs, handles and locks have always been part of our door lock problems at homes and at work. We hold and use them every day and most often they go unnoticed. All doors may wear or break in time and can cause a possible lock-out. Usually, this causes issues for us all at a completely random and inconvenient time.

In this article, we suggest the 5 Most Common Door Lock Problems that we all may possibly encounter.

1. Misaligned Door Latch

There are instances that the latch does not catch the strike plate. Or simply put, a door with this issue doesn’t shut properly and operate smoothly.

This means that the door latch is not aligned with the strike plate. There are many different ways fix this minor issue like adjusting the strike plate or deepen the plate in general. In a situation where it is non-repairable, our locksmiths would focus on repositioning the door and aligning it with a new lock.

2. The Key Turns But Doesn’t Lock

This problem can be within the mechanism itself. If you are quite confident about how a door mechanism works, you may remove the door lock and check the mechanism for any small worn parts or fallen parts.

If you are encountering any issues on fixing a door lock mechanism, we can send one of our locksmiths out to you. We advise that you consult with one of our locksmiths in Leeds to avoid causing further damage to your door. We will be able to have this issue fixed easily with a new lock if all else fails.

3. The Key Is Stuck & Doesn’t Turn

Many people have this happen. Instead of removing the key, the majority of people try to force the key to turn. Doing this could result in breaking the key and leaving the broken part stuck inside. Before actually thinking about forcing it to turn, we do suggest you reach out to us.

Our locksmiths can take care of the job and have specialized equipment to fix door locks problems by using non-destructive methods.

4. Distorted Door

Doors and door frames become warped or quite distorted due to poor weather conditions. Warped doors are easy to fix and our expert locksmith team at SS Locksmiths Leeds can help you with that. Contact us here.

5. Faulty Door Mechanism

Door lock problems are mostly mechanism issues and sometimes they become faulty through wear. Excessive use or not using it often (believe it or not) may cause these mechanisms to become defective or stuck.

It is always best to check door locks from time to time to avoid lock-outs and call our Leeds locksmith team if you experience any door lock problems. Usually, the shows signs of wear or breakage before anything does actually happen. However, it can still break randomly and when it’s least expected.

These are the most common doorknobs, handles and door lock problems, by SS Locksmiths Leeds.

No matter the type of door lock problems or door you have that works with keys. You may want to check and give us a ring on 07388 580961 if you do experience any problems.

Here at SS Locksmiths Leeds, we offer a wide-range of residential lock repairs and commercial lock repairs & installation services in Leeds. We also do 24/7 emergency repairs in Leeds and nearby areas. If you encounter one of these door lock problems, give us a call and our expert locksmiths will be there to get the job done in a timely, professional, trustworthy and commendable manner.

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